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Consult:  “Few consultants actually have all the right answers at the outset of any project or assignment! Successful projects generally start with figuring out all the right questions!”

Projects are rarely so well defined at the outset that we can simply run with the predetermined objectives and solution(s) and get straight on with the job.  

Even for relatively straightforward projects, a number of viable options usually present themselves and these have to be communicated effectively to the client's project manager or sponsor so the right decisions can be made.  


For more complex projects, recognising that stakeholders from within the same client organisation can have different and sometimes conflicting priorities and agendas is key. 


Consultation as a 2-way street and by liaising with our clients and any stakeholders we "get right to the bottom" of what the project is really about, what it seeks to change and the obstacles it faces.  Project Boards can be established, where required, to ensure that all project issues are captured, managed and effectively communicated. 

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As a Case Study from within the highways sector, a recent complex project example relates to the development of national technical requirement specifications for electronic signs and signals for the UK.  

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With numerous client stakeholders representing technical governance, corporate governance, procurement and operations, we consulted extensively and patiently with the Project Board throughout the 12-month development process:

  • Gaining an understanding of client aspirations
  • Presenting high-level options for how the solution might be developed
  • Developing detailed technical options for the equipment and advising on their implications and limitations
  • Collecting and incorporating Project Board feedback.

Ultimately, through careful and thorough consultation and attention to detail, Project Board 'buy-in' was achieved and the project was completed with the specifications being successfully notified to the European Commission in 2016, with only relatively minor comments being returned.


The specifications have now been finalised and published in the public domain.