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Procure:  “The fair, open and accountable practices instilled by the Public Contracts Regulations are a good thing!  However, clients still need to be very careful in balancing risk in their pursuit of value for the taxpayer!"

Working with client-side procurement teams, preparing tender documents and being part of tender assessment panels, we have contributed to the successful award of a range of technology-based projects to a value exceeding £250M.

Through this, we have gained a thorough understanding of the processes, are able to prepare the required tender packs and are able to identify and objectively apply the pre-qualification and tender assessment criteria.

We believe this is all highly valuable experience that can assist both purchasers and suppliers alike.

Contract references can be provided upon request. 

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Over the years, we have observed a steadily evolving ethos in procurement practices and procedures, most notibly in the perception and the assessment of equipment reliability and the management of associated risks.

While it seems quite sensible and reasonable to expect contractors to accept more of the risk associated with equipment reliability, the passing of unmeasured risk will result in higher costs and needs to be carefully balanced. 

However, Prodel stands ready to advise and assist, whether that is working client-side, or contractor-side, when no conflicts of interest prevent this.

When working client-side, we bring a ‘contractor-side’ appreciation of the need to identify, measure and balance risks effectively in the tender in order to help secure best value in the tendered prices. 

When we are able to accept contractor-side assignments (i.e. no conflict of interest), we help ensure the imposed risks are understood and accounted for and assist with understanding the adjudication criteria defined.