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Specify:  “When someone eventually writes the ‘perfect’ specification for a complex requirement, it will describe exactly what is required, simply, precisely once, in the one correct place in the document!  In the meantime though, cutting corners and failing to provide clear, good quality statements of requirement remains a false economy!”

It sounds simple, doesn’t it?  

Many professionals can write  specifications, but writing a good specification of any complexity is a highly skilled task and the quality requirement for the document itself is frequently undervalued.


Both over-specifying and under-specifying ultimately lead to higher whole-life costs.  Lack of clarity ultimately leads to non-conformances and cost variations for corrective actions.


Proceeding with no specification at all on the basis that "it's bit like the one we did last week but a bit smaller and it's blue instead of green" never did anyone any favours!

Specification drafting forms a key part of Prodel’s core business with many published examples in the highways sector (under Crown Copyright).

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Published examples include:
  • Product and system detailed technical requirements

  • Equipment performance specifications

  • Factory Acceptance Test plans

  • Service contract specifications

  • Contract Works specifications

  • Installation Design Guides

Less formal combined Project/ Equipment/ Procurment/ Implementation specifications have also been preapred for private clients. 

We don’t think anyone can claim to have written the ‘perfect’ specification yet!  However, we can and do claim to have written some good ones that have been well received by clients and industry alike!  Published examples can be provided upon request.  These include EU-notified specifications.