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About Us

We are nothing more than a bunch of friends who enjoy motorcycling, beer and going to the odd motor race (or in some cases, pretending to go to the odd motor race while we instead sit in a nice bar).

There are no commercial interests here whatsoever despite the fact the website takes advantage of one of our group's web hosting package (because it's free to us!) and we gratefully acknowledge Garmin's and Google's products and services in helping us communicate our plans with each other, so we can have fun!

We are not that easy to find on the web so the chances are your are reading this because you are one of our group or know one of our group and have been invited, in which case you are very welcome here. 

However, outside of that, if none of us know you, our group policy, based on an unfortunate incident in France some years ago, is to 'say "no" to strangers' (eh Swiss?).

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