A Photo Record Project.... tracking a year in the life of MK market.

  • This is an amateur street photography project taking place throughout 2014, trying to capture snippets from a year in the life of the Milton Keynes Central Market;
  • We hope to capture some of the market's characters and their stories, if they want to share them, as a record for future generations;
  • We hope to capture some of the spirit and culture of the place; the fun and the banter;
  • We WON'T photograph you or your stall if you don't want us to
  • We will publish our (your!) images on this project website and via Nikon Myspace
  • We WON'T publish identifying photograph your customers without their permission;
  • We will remove any photo from the website if you are not happy with it.


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If you need to contact us:


Project Phone:  07474 421378