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The luxurious Red Barn Skin range embodies a very simple ethos: Natural is Beautiful

We love nature. We love organic. Where possible all of our ingredients are organic or completely natural. Aromatherapy oils are used for fragrance.

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Cleanser:  Soft and luxurious skin cleanser for vibrant healthy skin made with English Lavender, English Camomile and Sea Buckthorn. The natural phytsterols in Sea Buckthorn will help stimulate the natural skin repair process.

Toner: Naturally perfumed with scent of organic Lavender.

Face Mask:  Our rejuvenating face mask is both easily applied and removed, with sensational results. Mask will not dry hard.

A Balancing Facial Scrub:  Made with ground Almond and Olive kernels to exfoliate, moisturise and balance the skin.

Collagen Face Cream:  With added pure Neroli is rich in Vitamin C to encourage your skin to produce natural collagen which aids healthy, vibrant and wrinkle free skin. 

Prices:  All Red Barn Skin products are just £15.00 each

Our coconut hand wash and aloe hand cream are just £8.00 each 

We also have a luxurious argan hand wash and body lotion for £10.00 each 

The fabulous range of Nail Polishes come in 10 must have colours, at just £6.50 a bottle why not take a few home for yoursef or buy a box of 4 for just £20.00 and give them as a gift.

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